Surface & Interface Modeling
for Emerging Nanomaterials and Devices


  1. #11

    Repulsion-Induced Surface-Migration, by Ballistics and Bounce

    Si Yue Guo, Stephen J Jenkins, Wei Ji, Zhanyu Ning, John C Polanyi,...

    J. Phys. Chem. Lett.  6, pp 4093–4098 (2015)     Local Copy

  2. #12

    Switchable valley injection into graphene

    Chen Hu, Wengang Lu, Wei Ji, Guanghua Yu, Yu Yan and Jiao Teng

    Phys. Rev. B  92, 115404 (2015)     Local Copy

  3. #13

    Conditions for quantized anisotropic magnetoresistance

    Chen Hu, Jiao Teng, Guanghua Yu, Wengang Lu and Wei Ji

    Phys. Rev. B  91, 045438 (2015)     Local Copy

  4. #14

    Continuously tunable electronic structure of transition metal dichalcogenides superlattices

    Yong-Hong Zhao, Feng Yang, Jian Wang, Hong Guo, and Wei Ji

    Scientific Reports  5, 8356 (2015)     arXiv:1310.7285     Local Copy

    1College of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Institute of Solid State Physics,

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