Surface & Interface Modeling
for Emerging Nanomaterials and Devices


  1. #11

    Polytypism and Unexpected Strong Interlayer Coupling of two-Dimensional Layered ReS2

    Xiao-Fen Qiao, Jiang-Bin Wu, Lin-Wei Zhou, Jing-Si Qiao, Wei Shi, Tao...

    Nanoscale  8, 8324-8332 (2016)     arXiv:1512.08935    

  2. #12

    Optical Anisotropy of Black Phosphorus in the Visible Regime

    Nannan Mao, Jingyi Tang, Liming Xie, Juanxia Wu, Bowen Han, Jingjing Lin...

    J. Am. Chem. Soc.  138 , pp 300–305 (2016)    

  3. #14

    Dynamics of Surface-Migration: Electron-Induced Reaction of 1,2-Dihaloethanes on Si(100)

    Kai Huang, Oliver MacLean, Si Yue Guo, Iain R. McNab, Zhanyu Ning, Chen-...

    Surface Science  652, 312–321 (2016)    

    Special Issue: In Honor of John T. Yates Jr

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